Auxiliary Seminars

Friday, March 3

Choose one of the two seminars to attend. Additional fees apply.

Auxiliary Seminar – Use of UAS and Reality Capture Technology in Transforming the Future of Enclosure Assessment

This seminar will provide three different lectures regarding Emerging Building Technology and how the learner can incorporate them into their professional practice.

7:30 AM- 7:45 AM – Registration &. Coffee
7:45 AM – 12:45 PM – Seminar

Member $250 | Nonmember $375

Session 1 of 3: Drone-based 3-D Photogrammetry in Building Enclosure Consulting Practice

Recommendations for the use of drone-based 3-D photogrammetry modeling in building enclosure consulting practice will be provided. Discussion includes the different types of drones, drone program requirements, and recommendations, as well as the photogrammetry processing software and computer requirements. Demonstrations of example workflows and case projects will be shown to further enhance the learners’ experience.

Speakers: Jenn Boelter; Thomas Gernetzke, F–IIBEC, RBEC

Session 2 of 3: Introduction to LiDAR and Its Uses in Building Enclosure and Beyond

An introduction to LiDAR technology and its uses in the facility engineering realm is presented. A brief discussion on the concept of LiDAR, its field methods, and current uses within the industry will be followed by several project examples where LiDAR was used successfully. These examples have applications in the building enclosure discipline. In addition, other example projects where LiDAR has been used, including where it has been integrated with geophysical data, will be discussed to provide a complete overview of its current use and to facilitate discussion of other potential applications.

Speaker: Robert Hendricks, PhD

Session 3 of 3: Eye in the Sky: Mitigating Facade Access Risks Through Unmanned Aircraft System Aerial Imagery

Facade access has always been a high-risk endeavor for engineers, architects, consultants, and contractors. While regulation has reduced risks associated with facade access through the requirements associated with intermediate support anchors and tracks, many existing buildings have not had their facade access and fall arrest systems updated since their original construction under pre-existing code.

Speakers: Michael Cobb, Kimani Augustine, PE

IIBEC CEH Credit: 4.5 Hours | | AIA Credit is not approved, but course has been Submitted by IIBEC to AIA for approval

Auxiliary Seminar – Fall Protection for Roof Consultants – Hazards, Solutions, and the Law

This course is capped at 30 people

7:30 AM  – 7:45 AM: Board Bus
7:45 AM: Transportation Departs from Marriott Marquis Houston
8:30 AM – 11:30 AM: Seminar
11:30 AM – 12:15 PM: Transportation Departs to Marriott Marquis Houston

8:30 AM – 11:30 AM

Member $250 | Nonmember $375

This auxiliary seminar will take place at the 3M facility in Pasadena, Texas where the learner will be able to incorporate the training they receive in the classroom into hands-on training.

Roof Consultants who understand fall protection regulations and products that create compliance can be a resource for building owners. Roof Consultants conduct site visits every day and understanding fall protection can give them a significant competitive advantage. Understanding the most common fall hazards and the ways to mitigate them not only protects workers and reduces preventable death in the workplace but it also reduces exposure to building owners and employers. Knowing the law helps everyone involved.  While compliance may seem costly, non-compliance is potentially incalculable.

Speakers: Cody Atkinson, Kevin Kelpe, Dustin Schneider, Eric Thill, Kynan Wynne

IIBEC CEH Credit: 2.5 Hours | AIA Credit is not approved, but course has been Submitted by IIBEC to AIA for approval